Wedding Day Makeup: Working with A Makeup Artist

Paul & Ria’s Wedding Highlights from GAA on Vimeo.


Now that you have found the Makeup Artist that you’ve been searching for. It is time to let her know what you have envision for your wedding day. Here are the steps to working with a makeup artist (and hopefully hiring the makeup artist) If you haven’t seen the previous post about finding a makeup artist, read it now before this one.

Working with A Makeup Artist

  • Schedule a trial run. Like I mentioned from the previous post. Have a consultation ahead of time. Most likely, a month or more in advance. If you do not like her personality and you deemed the makeup they did is not up to how you envision, you may choose to relieve her and pay for another trial run with a different makeup artist.
  • When you get to your trial run, have with you  a collection of pictures from magazines, pinterest, social media, etc. Let the makeup artist know that you would like a dramatic makeup look or a simple makeup look.
  • Please tell the makeup artist that you are having problematic skin like acne, dehydrated skin, dry patches, burnt skin, allergic reaction to retanol, etc. Your makeup artist will bring to her the proper equipment to treat and hide imperfections.
  • Ask for contracts and any additional information such as travel expenses to the day of the wedding.
  • If the makeup artist can’t be there on the day of the wedding. Will they arrange for someone else to do their job or are you on your own.



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