Tom Ford Beauty’s Eyeshadows Spring 2016

Dear Readers,

Before I start to get excited about the new Tom Ford Beauty’s Eyeshadows for Spring 2016. I must talk about what’s been keeping me from my blog.

You know when you found the one and all it ever does to you is stare into the horizon because you absolutely have just fallen in love?

I have had this job before I took up my leave to prepare for my Baby Girl’s arrival. I love it then and will continue to love it again and again. I must say, I am hooked! I have never loved work, I don’t complaint to someone about it. I just love it. It isn’t just the makeup line, it also is the community behind it.

But I don’t want to bore you with how much love I have for makeup. I actually want to tell you about the new eyeshadow quads Tom Ford Beauty just released last month.

I am very much in amazement at the new quads that came out at this year’s (2016) new collection. Yes, at a price, as they also discontinued some of the beloved colors (Cognac Sable, Lavender Lust, Sahara Haze and Ice Queen) we’ve come to know and love (you can blame a certain “#1 Makeup Artist” for that!) I’m sure I will get over it much like the ice cream i had last night. In the meantime, I will bask in the glory of these new shadows and enjoy .

Tom Ford Beauty's Eyeshadows for Spring 2016 Last Dance
Last Dance has three shimmers and 1 celestial shade. I used only the 3 non-celestial shades and they were amazingly soft on the eyes.


Tom Ford Beauty's Eyeshadows Spring 2016 Lilac Dreams
Lilac Dream has warm undertones that will blend well with every skin tone and can make your eyes look subtle and soft. Unlike Lavender Lust as its very strong and its cool shades are perfect for fierce evening and smoke-y look.



The most popular of all the Eyeshadows. It has the same consistency as Nude DIp and is categorized separately as the rest of the shadows. It can be used dry or wet.


Disco Dust
How is this different than Cognac Sable. This is peach and cognac sable is… or was bronze.

Aren’t the colors amaze??? The velvet consistency of the shadow makes up for the hefty price. Just feel the bounce when you’ve placed your fingers to touch and feel the powder. It’s extraordinary, the way it also changes the way you feel about the brand.

I am excited about Disco Dust, but then there is also Lilac Dream, but Starry Night doesn’t disappoint either — oh! the sparkles. Ok! I just can’t decide. You’ll just have to see for yourselves.

If you have seen and bought it, what do you think of Tom Ford Beauty’s Eyeshadows Spring 2016??? SHARE your thoughts!

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  1. I won’t mention a specific name but this person uses the tag “#1 Makeup Artist”.

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