The Lash Station


Call, Text, email or book online. By appointment only

I get it, $%^t happens! I know it can’t be avoided. Just give me at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a $35 cancellation fee on your next appointment.

I do not offer refunds on services. I do; however, offer a client service solution. If you experience an allergy and are unable to wear the eyelash extensions applied, I will remove them free of charge and may offer a voucher for another service. I, also, do not offer refunds to allergy reactions, either. I will, however, provide a complimentary lashes removal

If you feel that you are having an allergic reaction to eyelash extension to any of the products used during a service, please contact me immediately to provide assistance in assessing the situation. If, in the past, you’ve experienced allergic reactions to eyelash extensions, OR believe you may have an allergy to my products, please let me know before your appointment. I will, then, administer a patch test before your appointment. You may notify me with this request by phone, text or email.


  • Remove contact lenses before lash applications. Please bring a lens case to store your lenses in. You may put your contact lenses back after the appointment.
  • Arrive to your appointment WITHOUT eye makeup, mascara, eyeliner
    or eye shadow.
  • Lash extensions MUST NOT make contact with water, steam or heavy humidity for 24 hrs after application.
  • I do NOT apply eyelash extensions to persons allergic to any type of adhesives.
  • Please disclose any eye conditions, injuries, medications or treatments used on/in or
    affecting the eye area in advance.


If this is your first appointment, please arrive 10 minutes early for an assessment. Alternatively, fill out our registration form that will be sent via email, prior to your visit.

If you have any concerns with the services you received, let me know within 2 days and I will fix it to your satisfaction at no extra charge.

You may park at our back lot if space is available. Alternatively, a street parking is available on the side of the house.

I ask that you bring your own sitter if you decide to bring your children to the service place. During the lash service, I am not able to provide your children accommodation and supervision.

Your privacy is very important. I collect your personal information such as your name, email and telephone number in order to create an easy client booking database and to keep you informed about special events or sales. I know, and so do i, no one likes junk mail but I will only send information regarding my business such as promotions or change of information. If you prefer to not receive email notifications, you may opt out anytime by email to

Your friends lashes will be different than yours, we are unique that way. I hope you understand that your own individual results may vary and are dependant on the length and volume of your natural lashes even on the type of extension you choose. In any case, yours will probably look just as good, if not, better. (shhhhh, I said that in confidence)