Swishing and Popping to Charlotte Tilbury’s Swish and Pop Blusher in Love Glow



I’m going to smack you with reality here and it will drop down fast… real fast.

I’m going to be blunt and honest about this product. It is true what they say… it is very pretty.

It is.

Charlotte Tilbury definitely hit the bulls eye with this palette, in its packaging and color. Product? I’ll dwell in it a bit, later. For now, let us all celebrate Charlotte’s accomplishment.



Some people appreciate the product detailing, I do. (I bought Tom Ford’s small bronzing powder in Gold Dust… and it really didn’t give any changes but it was great to prop open to use the mirror… oh! what an expensive mirror!) In fact, beauty blogger, like I,  do really look for, when buying products aside from its content, is its packaging. This swish and pop blusher has a sleek and chic look.

Charlotte seems to be reading our minds when she mentioned creating this product to make it easier for the rest of us, “on-the-go” bitches, to apply it whenever it’s convenient. It is easy to carry because it is lightweight and thin enough to fit the smallest bag for the inevitable touch ups or, say, use the circular mirror to apply lipstick. Yes, its circular shape definitely reminds me of the powder foundation my Grandmother often buy from Estèe Lauder — tiny but extravagant.


Pink Lips for the Win!!


I know that most don’t really care for its sleek look and tiny packaging. Looks don’t really matter to some of us. “What can it do to my face?” is what really is important.

You would be surprised how colorful this is. On light skinned individuals (NC/NW15 – NC/NW30) this blush definitely requires normal (1-2 swishing and popping) application. Women with Medium to Dark Skintone will require to swish and pop more often to see color results. I used about two swishing and popping (how redundant, haha) to get the color result I’ve wanted. The sheen almost reminds me of Nars “Deep Throat” Blush with a lot more shimmer but a bit lighter than Nars “Orgasm”.

I have admired the application variation of this blusher. Two indicative color to mix or use on its own. If you have visited the Charlotte Tilbury site, click on “Application Tip” and it will give an in depth way to apply it. You may also play the video where Charlotte demonstrate the application process: swish the outer color, tap excess, apply; then, use the point of the brush, pop the middle color to the cheeks.


Charlotte Tilbury’s Swish and Pop in Blusher shot in low light.


The thing is, as much as I rave about this product, I noticed that when I use any of my blush brush… and I mean I used different brand name brush… I noticed it powdering when I swirl my brush around it. It’s milled but did not pack it tightly like most of the powders I’ve used. It almost remind me of Hourglass’ eyeshadows, the powder just keeps pooling and I had to blow off some so it isn’t everywhere when I stash it inside my bag. I’ve done it many times that it really irked me to the max. I was fuming of exhaustion and clearly wished it wasn’t so.


Swish and Pop
Left is the outer or swish; Right is the inner or pop


Overall, the product is likeable. I do feel that it is interestingly beautiful; unfortunately, it is a product I don’t go “gaga” over. However, I will give it a good thumbs up for being an innovative product. It is very unique which complies to its marketing intention of creating two ways to mix two different colors.

What did you think of the Love Glow by Charlotte Tilbury? Are you buying it?


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