Dehydrated Skin? Dry Skin? Include These 4 Products in your Skin Care Regime



I didn’t always have bad skin and I certainly didn’t have to worry about skin types nor did I even know what “Dehydrated Skin” is. Certainly, when stressors became a lifestyle, my skin got the end of it and my emotional turmoil with my face continued.

Last year’s trip to Los Angeles during a Tom Ford Beauty training was the worse because that was when I found out I have dehydrated skin. It made my skin dry like hell.  With this in mind, I’ve committed to structuring a skin care regime catered to my drying face. As a Makeup Artist (and I am certified for it, FYI), one thing I’ve learned in this industry is that you can spend so much on makeup and apply makeup flawlessly but if you’re skin is rough, there is always wrong with it. So, if you’re going to shed some dough, invest in skin care (or stocks)

Here’s what I am currently using at the moment:

1. MAC Mineralized Charge Water: Revitalizing Energy – As soon after cleansing my face, my skin feels dry, so I use this product to recharge and hydrate my skin before applying a serum. This is a hydration mist and specifically created for moisturization; whereas Fix+ has glycerin, caffeine, etc and used to awaken skin before and after makeup application.

2. A no name brand Glycerin and Rosewater Emollient for dry skin – I’m scared of my dry skin, to ensure continued moisturization, I add a small drop of this onto my palm then apply onto my cheeks.

Tom Ford Intensive Infusion Concentrate Extreme great for Dehydrated Skin
Tom Ford’s Serum


NOT SHOWN on first pic: Tom Ford Intensive Infusion Concentrate Extreme – I previously use Dior Hydra Life Skin Perfect Pore Refining Serum but it didn’t work out during the time I have dehydrated skin and worse – dry skin. So now I have made this serum my must have because I can’t leave without this on my face in the morning and at night. I apply this after the Glycerin and Rosewater Emollient liquid.

Tom Ford's Intensive Infusion Ultra Rich Moisturizer great for Dry Skin
Tom Ford’s Ultra Rich Moisturizer

3. Tom Ford Intensive Infusion Ultra Rich Moisturizer – I don’t totally love this product but it does the job of keeping my skin moisturized so I wouldn’t have to dread that darn dry skin and dehydrated skin. I would say that I would rebuy this instead of Crème de La Mer The Moisturizing Cream.

4. Petroleum Jelly – it acts like a barrier cream. It keeps the moisture lock in so it doesn’t dissipate into the air.

My skin hasn’t had any break outs and I’m pretty happy with that. Now, I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to get rid of my pores and ane scarring. I’m about to try derma roller.

What’s your skincare routine?

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